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What is MakePop?

MakePop is the new app that lets you link advertising to
consumer items like serviettes, tablecloths, cups, etc., used
in catering and food industry services across a whole range of

 It's easy.


Choose your medium:
Serviettes / Tablecloths /
Coasters / Amenities /
Tableware / Bags /


Personalise your design with your brand and campaign.


Generate user experiences.

 Make it so they enjoy themselves when they're with you. Make them talk about you.

 Make the brand presence grow in new consumer channels and moments.


Events and conferences

Bars, restaurants and cafés



How does it work?

What content can I link?

Once you've chosen the medium from our LaPajarita products (serviettes, tablecloths, cups, amenities, etc.), design the experience that you want to link to the brand.

You can choose from two options:

Make the most of this new medium to communicate everything that adds value and gets your products, promotions and news out there to consumers.
Create your own content by personalising the app to suit your needs.

MakePop can design content or give you instant user experiences.

Easy and fast.

 Every moment of contact with the brand produces an experience that can be shared on social media.


You're sure to have a lot to show and tell your customers.

What could be better than using your own content to personalise the app!

We supply you with a range of templates, the chance to link your web site, promotions, picture gallery, news items, videos, etc. All on a serviette or a tablecloth!

Make your content go viral!


It's very easy! Ask us!


It couldn't be easier! MakePop has designed various models that can be applied instantly.
Here we show you some of them.

Download the app and scan the image on the screen to access the content of each design. Click on the videos to see more about each one.

It's very easy! Ask us!


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Click here to see the full catalogue
of products where you can apply MakePop.

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